Road policy for hoverboards in different countries

Road policy for hoverboards in different countries

National Bicycle and Electric Bicycle Inspection Center experts said that the hoverboard ( same as balance scooter in this article)can be divided into two kinds per its usage: entertainment and transportation, currently some countries allow the balance scooter to travel on the road under below conditions:


Cardiopulmonary disease patients can use the balance scooter as a medical auxiliary equipment, other balancing scooters are not allowed to use in public roads.

United Kingdom:

Balanced scooters are motorized scooters, only can be ride in private sector after permission .


Recoginzed as motrised vehicles but can not pass the basic specifications certification of electric vehicle, prohibit on the road.


In some areas,hoverboard regarded as the electric wheelchair type of balancing scooter, allowed to travel in the bike lane or sidewalk.


If you want to drive the hoverboard on the road, the hoverboard must be equipped with brakes and headlights, brake lights, direction lights and other auxiliary equipment, the owner also need to pay tax ,register a number and have a driving license.

Segway One S1 : re-define balance scooter

Summary: Normally, the revolutionary scooter-electric hoverboard should be popular in the streets long ago, people go to school and go to work with a balance scooter, Segway also earned a lot of money, but this scene did not happen, and Segway has now become a wholly owned subsidiary of Ninebot. As the most well-known supplier of electric balancing scooters, Segway has also hope that through the new “one S1” electric balancing scooter to re-ignite consumer’s enthusiasm for electric balancing scooters.

segway one s1 balance scooter

“One S1” self balancing scooter weighs only 21 pounds, but it can bear a weight of 220 pounds, and users can drive it at the speed up to 12.5 miles, and its driving mileage up to 15 miles, depending on the load and roads.However,lithium battery powered “one S1” balance scooter will ensure a stable and sustainable running.

It is not difficult to master “one S1”, as long as we are flexible enough to maintain a good balance in a fearless attitude, then we can learn how to master the “one S1” balancing scooter in just one hour .

In addition, users can also download the Ninebot App, App provides users with a tutorial, and we can also use App to monitor the speed, lock “one S1”, open the speed limit mode, customize Lighting and many other features.

we all want to drive an electric balance scoooter on the road , but for various reasons (such as security), this dream has not been achieved, with the new electric balance scooter, it can dispel the concerns of consumers and the relevant authorities or not, let us wait and see.

How to identify a real Xiaomi 9 Segway scooter

Recently, there are some fake Xiaomi 9 Segway scooter ( same as Xiaomi balance scooter or Xiaomi hoverboard )enter into the market, bought these fake scooters may lead to loss of property or personal injury. These fake Xiaomi 9 balance scooters and the orginal ones are so similar that it is very hard for new consumers to identify them.

Fake and Original Xiaomi 9 balance scooter

Do not worry! After you reading this article,you can easily identify a fake Xiaomi 9 balance scooter.

1. identification true or fake by labels

Genuine Xiaomi 9 balance scooter has warning label above the knee control rod, besides the warning label,there are QR codes for Ninebot App download and safe driving video on both sides. At the bottom of the knee control rod,there is the knee control rod installation guide label,also a Ninebot Mini battery pack label is attached to the bottom of the scooter body.

Identify original or fake Xiaomi 9 Segway scooter by labels

2. identification true or fake by wheels

Genuine Xiaomi 9 balance scooter has printed 3C certification number and QR code inside the wheels,the word “Ninebot” was printed on the tires. The wheel deceration pad is close to the hub,and the hub is also close to the tires, touch with your hands on these parts will not make it shaking.

Identify true or fake Xiaomi 9 hoveboard by wheels

3. identification true or fake by foot pedal

Genuine Xiaomi 9 balance scooter pedal was printed with “Ninebot” words,open the new Xiaomi 9 balance scooter you will find a matte translucent material warning film on the foot pedal.

Identify true or fake Xiaomi 9 balance scooter by pedals and charging port

4.Identification true or fake by charging port

Charging port is located at the bottom of the display panel, open the genuine Xiaomi 9 balance scooter charging port fender,you will find that the charging port was covered with a dust and water prooft ruber cap. Open the rubber cap will see the four-core aviation charging plug.

Besides, before you use the Xiaomi 9 balance scooter, the user needs to download Ninebot App and activate by Bluetooth connection, any Xiaomi 9 balance scooter do not need to activate for official use are likely to be fake ones, we can also identify by this point.

Ninebot Mini Pro Balance Scooter-Update version for Ninebot 9

Ninebot E +, Ninebot One S1 / S2 Series and the Ninebot 9 balance scooter upgrade / Mini Pro will be displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas International Convention Center during 5th-8th Jan 2017, to show the world’s most innovative short distance transport equipment technology and bring new experience for the user.

Ninebot Mini Pro Balance Scooter

As a feast of science and technology, CES has been successfully held for 49 years, is one of the world’s largest, highest level and the most extensive consumer electronics products exhibition. Every year new product from the world’s leading enterprises will be displayed in the platform, leading the global trend of consumer electronics products. The Tetris, unmanned aerial vehicles, surface screen, come to the world market from here.

As a regular participant of CES in the past years, Ninebot Technology Co., Ltd attending too. In 2015, Ninebot acquired Segway-the American balance scooter company.After six months of “grinding”, Segway and Ninebot has been integrated in the technical gradually. This year, Ninebot launched the Ninebot 9 balance scooer upgrade version-Mini Pro, is the new entertainment experience created by Segway R&D engineers who conbine balance scoooter and VR together.

According to reviews, the Mini Pro balance scooter equipped with horizontal moving bracket at the bottom, and foot control head equipped with the mobile camera.The rider put on VR glass, control the scooter through the remote control, and then he can experience the journey with mobile + virtual cool experience. During the CES, these products will be fully open to public.